Intricately beautiful backgrounds

There are some websites that you probably just visit for the eye candy. I know I do 🙂

I bumped into this post by Andrew Faulkner, who happened to list some of my favorite blogs.

You can actually imagine how much work has gone into these beautiful creations. I never tire of visiting these websites.

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How a designer can help fight global warming

Ever think about global warming and its impact on us? To be absolutely frank, I never gave it a second thought… and am sure a lot of you didn’t bother as well. Its only when something hits us square in the eye that we sit up and notice.

Its difficult to ignore the devastating effects of climate change. Its no longer something that we can ignore.  But what can you and I do about it. How can we designers make a difference in our own little ways… after all little drops make up an ocean.

Here’s a site that shows you ways to make a difference.