Skills that define a designer

I just received a mail from a head hunter looking for a UX Designer. The skills included were::

  • Visual design skill – latest trends, color and typography
  • Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and prototyping tools
  • Web standards, usability best practices, and UI trends
  • Interaction design – wireframing, prototyping, HTML5, CSS3.

In fact the skills that designers need, as Whitney Hess aptly puts it in her blogpost , are

  • A proficiency in building empathy for customer needs
  • An aptitude for communicating with colleagues across organizational functions
  • The initiative to investigate a problem and generate a multitude of solutions for it
  • An eye for intuitiveness and simplicity
  • Knowledge of the features, benefits, and weaknesses of a vast array of programming languages and technology platforms
  • Diplomacy
  • Patience
  • Humility

In addition to these, a designer should have some exposure to research and have the ability to convince clients and stakeholders of design decisions.


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