Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

Just started on the online course for Human Computer Interaction. It promises to be an interesting and a very practical course.

Here are a few excerpts off the first course online:

  • HCI is the design, implementation and evaluation of user interfaces.
  • At the onset of the design project, we often don’t know what the problem is or what the space of possibilities might be, let alone what the solution should be.
  • Consequently, real-world design is often iterative.
  • Fail fast so you can succeed sooner.
  • Focus on the people who are going to use your system.
  • Good user interfaces can have a tremendous impact on both the individual’s ability to accomplish things, and societies’.
  • Bad design is frustrating and costs lives
  • Fixing these problems requires following just basic principles like consistency and feedback
  • Oftentimes, the best interfaces become invisible to us.
  • When this happens, our attention shifts from manipulating an interface to accomplishing a task.
  • That is precisely when a user interface is successful.

The fact that bad design causes accidents is unnerving, but true. The air crash at Linate airport in Italy is an example of how bad design can make things go horribly wrong.



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