10 User Centered Design blogs you ought to read

Just thought I’d share my favorite UCD blogs with you. These are sites I read to keep in touch with the research on usability. They also make for very interesting reading.

Experience Dynamics: Frank spiller’s blog is something that every User experience professional should read. Frank has the happy knack to hitting the nail on the head with every post. Very practical info out there.

Boxes and Arrows:  In the words of David Moore, Boxes and Arrows is an “Intelligent peer-written journal on information architecture and user-centered design. Lots of practical information as well as conceptual back-up”.

Seven87: With a unique outlook on usability, marketing and customer experience, Charlie Nichols presents usability in a business environment.

Webword: John S. Rhodes operates the WebWord Blog, providing people with intelligent information about usability, human factors, web site design, information architecture, content development, and a whole lot more.

Pantos: Resources galore! Some of the most insightful articles on the web can be found here. It contains excellent guidelines on the design and development of websites.

Ask tog: A webzine with special focus on interaction design. With reviews of real world products/websites, this is one website that you shouldn’t miss.

Smartisans: Articles here are one of a kind. They are succinct while being informative. Descriptions include actual solutions to common interaction design problems.

Re-frame: Paul Adam’s blog re-frame is an interesting look at everyday products and the user/customer experience to be had, first hand.

Headrush: A very optimistic blog about creating better user experiences. It encourages you to create passionate users with the design of your products.

90percentofeverything: A blog that covers every possible area of user experience design with commentary on interaction design, usability, information architecture and a lot more.


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