Information Architecture simplified

Our user experience team in office decided to form a small group that promotes the awareness and usage of usability. With this focus, we got to work brainstorming on the best way to put usability, interaction design and information architecture, in laymen’s terms.

We decided the best way to do this would be to start a newsletter. For the articles, we came up with the theme of “Weave a story”, which would be stories of everyday situations that go wrong because of bad design… this was inspired by Donald Norman’s book “The Design of Everyday Things“.

While looking for appropriate content for this article I ran into a couple of sites that I thought were just right… especially when you want to make a point. The thing about usability is that most people can’t seem to understand what exactly usability is trying to accomplish. You need to illustrate your article or presentation with a lot of pictures and examples. With sites like bad user interface gallery and re-frame, your job is half done!

The next section of the newsletter involved putting together simplified definitions of terms like:


Heuristic evaluations

Card Sorting


Usability testing

IA One Sheeters is a site that gives you condensed but rather efficient mini brochures. I found this rather helpful, especially because they are easy to understand.  


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