CSS styled tables

Tables can be a nightmare to deal with, especially because they have become the mainstay of many a developer who throws the standards to the winds. Of course if tables are used to do what they are meant to do, displaying tabular data, they can make life a lot easier.

 Enter TABLECLOTH. Table cloth takes good well formed code and applies styling and behavior to it and voila!!! You have a styled and active table.

Other css styled tables

 The ever enterprising Veerle has a css styled table of her own. http://veerle.duoh.com/blog/comments/a_css_styled_table/

An excellent example of a striped table is available at Validweb http://validweb.nl/artikelen/javascript/better-zebra-tables/

Spice up your table with rounded corners and snazzy backgrounds offered at 24 ways

My colleague did some looking around and suggested I add CSS Table Gallery to the list. I’ve visited the site before and even used the tables listed there. It’s a showcase of how CSS and tables can work together in harmony.


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