User Interfaces in the movies

It’s incredible how Hollywood can completely overhaul reality when it comes to computer screens in movies. Why is it so much easier to use computers in films? It never ceases to amaze me. It’s funny to think that these bloopers are being watched by all those high end developers out there, creating complex applications for a living. It’s even funnier that user experience professionals like so many of us get to run heuristic evaluations right there in our heads. Here are some of the funniest bloopers…

  • The user interfaces in movies are either in 3D or are animated.
  • Code is always being cracked in movies and it always appears as green text on a black background.
  • A computer blowing up signifies a crash of the operating system or the successful upload of a virus onto the system.
  • A CCTV image can easily be blown up to about 10 times it size, so you can actually distinguish the features of the persons on the video quite clearly.
  • Actors crack code with a gun against their temple, and are actually successful.
  • There are always disks that have encrypted code on them. These are accessible anywhere and ask for a password on the first try.
  • The hero always seems to get the password right in the nick of time after several times of wrong password entry.
  • Entering the wrong password will elicit an “Access denied” or “Permission denied” message from the computer.
  • Transfer of large amounts of data is done in a jiffy. Usually just in time for the hero to make good his escape.
  • Hackers in movies can get into the most highly secured intranets in a matter of minutes
  • Sensitive information is generally labeled “Highly Confidential” or “Secret”.
  • A fingerprint search will run continuously through various persons until it finds the right match. Once it is successful it displays the message “match found”

Have any more absolutely ridiculous bloopers to report… Let me know… I’ll add them to this list 🙂


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