Pink for gals and blue for boys?

bluepink.gifColors are often associated with a gender. It is common practice to gift a family with a new born baby girl, something in pink. Likewise it’s taken for granted that baby boys will wear only blue. Have you ever wondered why it is that a baby in a blue blanket is taken for a boy?

Gender specific color introduced as early as the 20th century.

The color pink was noticed in children’s clothes, in the 18th century. In fact it was identified more as a boy’s color, since it was a pale version of red (a fierce color). Blue was more a girl’s color, since it was considered delicate and dainty.

The medieval explanation

Evil spirits were supposedly kept at bay with the color blue. The association of the color with the heavens was the key.


It’s in our genes!!!

According to The Independant, research proves that women tend to prefer pink (or similar shades), while men prefer blue. It has to do more with genes than anything else.

Neuroscientist Anya Hurlbert asked a group of men and women to look at about 1,000 pairs of colored rectangles on a computer screen in a dark room and pick the ones they liked best as quickly as possible.

Later, Hurlbert and colleagues plotted the results along the color spectrum and found that while men prefer blue, women gravitate towards the pinker end of the blue spectrum. 

The division of labor between men and women existed in early human societies. Men traveled long distances to hunt wild game while women, foraged locally for fruit and berries.According to Dr Hurlbert this division of labor may be at the root of why girls now prefer pink.

“Evolution may have driven females to prefer reddish colors – reddish fruits, healthy, reddish faces. Culture may exploit and compound this natural female preference,” she said.


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