Most common web design mistakes

I found this interesting post on This is turn was translated from a swedish design magazine, CAP&Design.

  • Not following basic typographic rules.
  • Being too creative with navigation
  • Creating a cluttered navigation system
  • Making sure the site requires certain technology to work
  • Thinking that accessibility is only about blind people
  • Ignoring web standards
  • Not keeping search engines in mind from the start
  • Basing the site structure on your organisation structure
  • Using grey text on grey background
  • Skipping the feasibility study

I have added a few more of other largely common mistakes that are made.

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Excessive animations
  • Using frames
  • Using underlines to define text that are not links
  • Title, meta and keyword tags ignored
  • Ignoring web standards
  • Text not chunked into easily readable portions
  • Navigation bar not consistent throughout the website
  • Not testing the website across browsers
  • Not designing for lower resolutions (800×600)

Do you think you can add to this list? Do drop in a message or two with the ‘mistake’ highlighted. 🙂


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